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NE/SS/Community Development

The BPPS National Education Framework employs a four-stage process in our approach to instill National Education values in our pupils. This is to ensure that all pupils graduating from our school after six years of education have internalized the desired outcomes of national cohesion, the instinct for survival and confidence in the future.

Stage 1: Racial Integration

Primary 1 and 2

All Primary 1 and 2 pupils will go through a range of programmes which promote racial integration among friends in school. It is very crucial for the lower school pupils to know and understand how to build strong friendships with peers of different races at this stage. Pupils are taught good social and communication skills when interacting with their peers. We believe in nurturing good habits in our pupils from young. 


Stage 2: Racial Harmony

Primary 3 and 4

At this stage, our pupils in Primary 3 and 4 will be given opportunities  to appreciate different cultures. Pupils will be taught  how to live harmoniously in a multi-racial society. Through programmes such as learning journeys, CME and Social Studies lessons, pupils will come to appreciate similarities and differences among communities.


Stage 3: Globalisation

Primary 5 and 6

Singapore is  well-connected with its neighbours and the rest of the world. Being the future leaders of our society, our pupils need to understand Singapore’s strengths and constraints as it interacts with its counterparts in the world .We devote these two years to emphasize to pupils the term ‘globalisation’ and its influence on our country. 




Highlights of NE Core Events programmes

  • Total Defence Day (15 February)
  • International Friendship Day (12 April)
  • Racial harmony Day (21 July)
  • National Day Celebration (9 August)

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NE Event 3

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