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Character Development

Holistic development has become a prime topic for many educators and parents. The present emphasis is on character education and this has become an integral part of a child's life. School and community programs are structured specifically to focus on building good character values among our children. In order to do well academically in school and succeed in life on the whole, students need to be equipped with qualities of self-discipline, perseverance, resilience, responsibility, learn to work in harmony and become good citizens. This will enable them to live a respectful life and be a recognized individual in society.


The BPPS Character & Citizenship Framework is implemented to instill and nurture good character values among our pupils to give them a sense of belonging to the school and community. Using the Butterfly Philosophy as the basis of BPPS Character & Citizenship Framework, we make use of the different stages in the life cycle of a butterfly to represent the stages of character development in our pupils.  We belief that upon graduation from primary school, the children metamorphose like the butterfly, emerging from our school bright and beautiful with fully developed wings, ready to take flight confidently as Future Leaders, Concerned Citizens. 


The foremost objective of introducing a good Character Programmes in Bukit Panjang Primary school is to instill good character values among our pupils and give them a sense of belonging to the school and community. In order to achieve this, our school vision, mission and strategic thrusts are vital to our Character Development programmes and activities. The school has also integrated various programmes and activities in our core and non-core subjects that will impart good character and leadership qualities.

The Department has designed a framework - the four stages of a butterfly as a platform to formulate our programmes successfully. Over the period of 6 years of education, every student in Bukit Panjang Primary school will experience and explore these four stages of character development. Each stage co-relates activities and programmes that the child needs in order to proceed to the next stage of development. The graduate child is finally empowered with good character and citizenship as they leave the school to be a beautiful butterfly. Parents on the other hand also play a crucial role in the child's character development as the child spends majority of his/her time at home. The reinforcement of the values and build up of character gets the boost from parents at home ground. Parents support together with the school is significant for the child is to be developed holistically in character.

Our Approach - The Butterfly Philosophy

Stage 1: Knowing and Understanding Values 

Stage 2: Showing and Practising Values 

Stage 3: Internalizing and Promoting Values

Stage 4: Future Leaders, Concerned Citizens

Stage 1: Knowing and Understanding (Foundation Stage - Egg)

Primary 1 and 2 

The egg draws on its nutrients to grow in a conducive environment.

Similarly, our pupils have to build up their knowledge and understanding of what constitutes Future Leaders, Concerned Citizens together with their schoolmates and  teachers.

At this stage, it is also important to ensure our young charges understand what it means to be a BPPS pupil. They need to know and understand our school’s core values which will provide them the platform to flit into the next stage.

Stage 2: Showing and Practising (Caterpillar)

Primary 3 and 4

Besides nutrients, the caterpillar is greatly dependent on its relationship with its surroundings for it to grow. 

Likewise, our pupils need to build themselves through interaction with their schoolmates and teachers.

In showing and practising, pupils test and consolidate their knowledge to demonstrate effective learning.

Stage 3: Internalizing and Promoting (Pupa)

Primary 5 and 6 

For the pupa to grow, it draws on inner strength within the cocoon, transforming into a butterfly quietly. 

The young butterfly, when ready to emerge,  breaks open the cocoon and make its way out. The wings of the young butterfly gradually gets stronger until it is ready to take flight as it fully emerges.

Equally, our pupils are  encouraged to actively promote character traits they have internalized. They are motivated to  build their own understanding further so that by the end of Primary 6, our pupils are ready to take flight as Future Leaders, Concerned Citizens as they move along in their learning journey.


Stage 4: Future Leaders, Concerned Citizens (Butterfly)

Graduate Stage of Primary Education- At the end of their Bukit Panjang experience, pupils emerge as beautiful butterflies. Each child outwardly unique, yet similarly equipped with ingredients for success.

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