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Student Development Team

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Row 1: Mdm Ho Mun Yee, Ms Yeo Li Jing, Mr Ng Peng Kuan

Row 2: Mdm Siti Noraisha Bte Mohd Noor, Mrs Bernice Yap, Ms Ng Sin Nee, Mdm Lydiana Bine Ramli, Mr Othman Arsan, Mr Saravanan s/o Pannesilvam, Mr Wee Chong Cheut

Row  3: Mrs Angela Fock, Ms Naadiah Hanim, Mr R Shyam Kumar

 Who We Are

Year Head (Upper Primary) Mr Othman Arsan
Year Head (Lower Primary) Ms Naadiah Hanim
Assistant Year Head Mdm Ho Mun Yee
SH Student Leadership Mr Wee Chong Cheut
SH Citizenship Education Mr Tan Yee Ming
Character Development Coordinator  Mrs Bernice Yap
SH CCE (Internal)/Sexuality Education Coordinator Mdm Siti Noraisha
SH Innovation Mdm Ng Sin Nee
SH Educational Support (Internal)  Mr Ng Peng Kuan


Mr Saravanan Pannesilvam
Mr R Shyam Kumar
Mrs Angela Fock
Mdm Lydiana Ramli
Allied Educators (Learning and Behavioural Support) Mr Michael Chin Ling Zi
Operations Manager Mr Chia Hee Thom


Every student who leads with compassion and serves beyond self. 


We nurture and discipline with care to build character, and leadership so that they will be good citizens of the nation.


Strategic Thrust 4

Nurturing character, leadership qualities and citizenship


Framework, Programmes and Activities