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Viewing of solar eclipse

On the 9 th of March, 2016, the Science Department planned an eventful program for the students. It was a day whereby the students will be able to catch a partial solar eclipse. In order to build up to the day of the eclipse event, students were given bite-size information on how the solar eclipse occurs as well as how often we get to see it.


All the students got a chance to view the solar eclipse through a pinhole camera comprising of an iPad tied together in a box. This method of viewing ensured that the students’ safety was not compromised.


Overall, the event was a successful one as students managed to catch the occurrence of the solar eclipse in school. The following are some of the comments made by the students:


I saw the solar eclipse and it was very beautiful. I was very excited to see it.
Raechal Sonje Gobiselvan of 1C


I learnt that the moon can cover the sun completely. I enjoyed the activity.
Titus Ang of 2F


It’s a rare experience and I have not seen it in my past 10 years. I felt excited and puzzled as to how this happens.
Dylan Tan of 4D


It was interesting because we don’t get to see it very often. It was an exciting moment.
Tan Jia Hui of 6C