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BPPS Earth Week

Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated on April 22, on which day events worldwide are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. The theme for this year’s Earth Day is “Trees for the Earth”.


The Science Department, together with SWC, VIA team, Scouts and Red Cross and Music and Art team worked together to come up with a range of activities for the staff and the students during Earth week. 


On day 1, the Earth Week was kicked start with pledge taking at the booth near to the canteen. Students were encouraged to pledge to reduce carbon footprints by taking the pledge and then signing on the paper provided. Our school leaders also pledged and signed!


Mik the Cat also walked around sharing messages on conservation and global warming. Environmental Champions were also seen sharing with their peers during the various recesses the proper way to dispose the plastic bottles, metal cans and tetra packs. They did this throughout the week, bravo to them!


On day 2, we arranged an assembly talk on Rain forest by WWF. On the same day, the students got to learn more about the vermin compost during recess time.


On day 3, some songs related to the environment were sung during the recesses at the Art and Music area outside the canteen. The students were also encouraged to make music with recyclables. At the Art corner, the students wrote messages for our Earth and pinned the up on the tree made using recycled cardboard. After school, BPPS staff embarked on a staff bonding session through exploring our neighbourhood community garden, parks and the newly-opened downtown line. As we walked along, we picked up litter and placed them in dustbins / recycle bins along the way.


On day 4, the much anticipated day, students who were granted prior permission brought in their pets during their recess. They shared characteristics of their pets and how they take care of their pets. Some BPPS staff also brought their pets! A booth was set up. Students were encouraged to donate food supplies to SPCA.

The week ended off on Earth Day, 22 April.  In line with the theme “Trees for the Earth”, Mr Seelan and the P3 students and teachers were seen planting young plants to add more plants to our school.