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本校的小三学生有幸参加《乐学华文 点亮心灯》的活动,与他们在本校礼堂做近距离的交流。四名马拉维访客在台上以华语做自我介绍,并分享了学习华文的心得。过后,他们还为同学们朗读唐诗《游子吟》、背诵《弟子规》,以及呈现精彩的武术表演。同学们都报以热情的掌声。《乐学华文 点亮心灯》这项活动是在推广华文学习委员会的支持下,由新加坡ACC关怀中心和圆通学校联合主办的。




 Students exhange performing
students exchange doing kung fu 
exhange students taking pictures with our students 

Bukit Panjang Junior reporter campus 2016

With the professional training provided by the vendor (Singapore Children Newspaper), the school aimed to train 40 junior reporters who would be equipped with the basic knowledge and technique of news reporting. Participants would be given opportunities to interview, take photograph and write news report. Upon completion of the training, reports done by these junior reporters would be published as “Singapore Children Newspaper—Bukit Panjang Primary School”. We also introduced Advanced Junior reporter programe for reporter who want to learn ulteriorly.  

In this year, these participants are reporting the school events/ activities such as the Chinese New Year, Arts time, Solar eclipse, P5 campus, National day, Teachers Day, Children's Day and so on. And also there will be many opportunities for them to do interviews outside school.


Chinese New Year Celebration 2016

At the beginning of Year 2016, We celebrated Chinese Monkey Year in BPPS organized by Mother Tongue Department. This year’s highlight is the introduction of Chinese Lengend Character “WuKong” , Student Emcees,Teachers and students of all races not only enjoyed the concert performance also learned more about Chinese traditional culture. The smiles on the little ones’ faces marked this year’s  Chinese New Year celebration as a success.










4th National Chinese Language Competition 2015

The 4th National Chinese Language Competition was successfully held last Friday in our school. The competition is jointly organised by BPPS and Lam Soon CC Women's Executive Committe (WEC) and sponsored by Creative Knowledge Pte Ltd, Wizlearn Technologies, ETutor and Lingzi Media Pte Ltd. We have invited Dr Chin Chee Kuen as the Guest of Honour together with Dr Goh Poh Huat and Mdm Min Yu as our judges, This year we received overwhelming response from primary schools all over Singapore - 30 schools, 55 teams with a total of 165 participants!

2015 P1 Parent's Talk on PERI HA

PERI HA Parents’s talk

Mother Tongue Department has organized the Parents’ Talk on Primary Education Review and Implementation (PERI) Holistic Assessment (HA) for P1 pupils’ parent on 30th Jan 2015. The department shared their holistic assessment journey and showcased the school’s practices and assessment resources. This talk aims to provide parents with a more comprehensive “Holistic Development Profile“ which captures a fuller picture of their child’s progress and learning throughout the year.

The programme flow on that day:

1)      BriOverview of PERI HA by LH Mr Low Zhi Chao

2)      Efing on CL PERI assessment  plan and rubrics.  shared by Mr Low Zhi Chao

3)      Fundamentals of Hanyu Pinyin(汉语拼音的基本知识)-- shared by Mdm Liew Siew Chiew

4)      Implementation and Assessment of Show & Tell (Primary 1) --(“你听我说”的实施与评估) -- shared 

          by Mdm Soon Meiling

5)      Chinese Characters Learning Strategy for Lower Primary Pupils (低年级的识字教学) -- shared  

          by Mdm Dong Rui

6)      Using Picture Story Books to Teach Reading Skills (绘本阅读教学)-- shared by Mdm Li Wei    




PERI HA Overview  and rubrics by Mr Low Zhi Chao
汉语拼音 by Mdm Liew
低年级识字教学 by Mdm Dong
打开阅读的大门 by Mdm Li
Show & Tell by Mdm Soon

Show & Tell_Rubrics


Show & Tell_Checklist



Picture Book Reading Programme

Picture Book Reading Programme

To encourage pupils to read Chinese storybooks, the Picture Book Reading Programme was rolled out in Year 2010 and has been ongoing since then. It is well received by the Primary 1 and Primary 2 pupils. While reading the picture book together as a class, pupils will be posed questions about the story, prompting them to guess the storyline. After reading the book, pupils will need to complete an interesting activity and attractive prizes will be given to pupils who did the worksheet well. Their works will then be laminated and shown to other pupils. Through a series of such activities, we hope pupils will grow to love reading Chinese books.


National Chinese Language Teaching Video Competition

National Chinese Language Teaching Video Competition

Our 2 Senior Teachers (CL), Mdm Dong Rui and Mdm Liew Siew Chiew participated in the National Chinese Language Teaching Video Competition organized by Nan Hua Secondary, in collaboration with National Institute of Education Asian Languages and Cultures (NIE ALC) Academic Group in July 2013. It aims to encourage the exploration of innovative pedagogies among Chinese Language teachers and to acknowledge their good work in classrooms. The department is very proud to announce that Mdm Dong Rui and Mdm Liew Siew Chiew are the Champions of this National Competition.