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Mother Tongue Languages

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Row 1: Mrs Ong Kok Fong, Mdm Guo Yue Mdm Tan Peck Hoon, Ms Ng Li Xuan, Mdm Yeo Sze Wei, Mdm Liwen, Mdm Dong Rui

Row 2: Mdm Li Wei, Mdm Liew Siew Chiew, Mr Tan Guan Heng, Ms Lee Siew Siew Irene, Mr Low Zhi Chao, Mdm Noraisha, Mdm Soon Meiling, Mdm Chua Yeong Joo, Mr  Mohamed Rahim Bin Abdullah

Row 3: Mr Liew Wai Kee, Mr Oh Ming Yie, Mdm Sun Ying, Mdm Kah Yee, Ms Chen Shiihui, Mr Yeo-Liaw Boon Hoe,Mdm Murni Binte Sapuan, Ms Arina Nadya, Mr Hou Jian


Who We Are

Head of Department Ms Lee Siew Siew Irene              
Subject Head (ML & TL) Mr Tan Guan Heng
Level Head (CL) Mr Low Zhi Chao
Senior Teacher (Chinese Language) Mdm Liew Siew Chiew
Senior Teacher (Tamil Language) Mrs Ramesh



We aim to make the learning of Mother Tongue Language fun and interesting for all our pupils so that they can apply the knowledge they have acquired in their daily lives.



  1. To provide a nurturing and thinking environment so as to develop our pupils to be proficient users of their Mother Tongue Language.
  2. To arouse pupils' interest in learning their own Language and Culture.


Our Mother Tongue Home

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The Mother Tongue Department aims to instil in our pupils a love for the respective languages and cultures. We strive to develop our pupils into confident person who is able to communicate confidently and effectively in their respective Mother Tongue languages. 

To achieve these, besides the Ministry of Education Mother Tongue Syllabus, pupils are encouraged to acquire their mother language and learn more about our diverse cultures through fun and exciting events/activities, such asMother Tongue fortnight, cultural cum CME camp, Reading Marathon, CME project,enrichment lessons, etc. 



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Come join in the fun and excitement at the 5th Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) SymposiumIt will showcase interesting and creative ways to encourage children to learn and love MTL. Registration for the sharing sessions and workshops is open. Visit to register now!

Chinese Language Room

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Malay Language Room

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Tamil Language Room

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