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Common Errors in English

List of Common Errors in English

Spelling Errors Correct Examples
irregardless regardless
accomodate accommodate
arguement argument
advertisment advertisement
definately definitely
enviroment environment
goverment government
neccesary necessary
occured occurred
ocassion occasion
potray portray
pusue pursue
scenary scenery
sucessful, succesful successful
inspite of in spite of
alot of a lot of


Subject-verb agreement

These words do not have the plural, equipment, machinery, transport, luggage, baggage, traffic, pollution, clothing, offspring, work, email, mail, knowledge, information, research, scenery, education, stationery, behaviour, thinking, etiquette, advice, evidence, the elderly, youth (the state of being young) vs. youths (a group of young boys or young men, e.g. There were five youths in the shop.) 


Common errors in the use of prepositions

Discuss about Discuss
Mentioned about mention
arguement argument
Requested for request
definately definitely
Emphasise on emphasise
Comprise of comprise
Despite of despite
in spite of